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What a joy it is to introduce you to Meadowbrook Christian School, a community that is educating for life!

You are most likely visiting our website today to find out about who we are and what we are doing to partner with parents in providing a high quality, well rounded educational experience for our students.  We trust you will find much of what you are hoping to see right here on our website.

Since 1982, Meadowbrook Christian School has been about the mission work of “building solid citizens, one child at a time, in a Christian atmosphere.”  And although the mission has not changed, we are committed to new and improved ways we can carry our mission forward.  We believe MCS is a great choice for your child because our efforts center around three main goals.

First, we desire that each student receive a top notch academic experience that best prepares them for success.   We strive to constantly attend to what is being taught and how we can best teach that content.  87% of our students attend college immediately following high school and many go on for advanced degrees.

Next, we believe that it is just as important for a student to be of strong character as it is for them to be academically competent.  That is why we have committed to a full time Director of Spiritual development.  A priority for us in the educating of our students is that they would develop into people of integrity, compassion, and reliability.

And finally, we want our students to be able to function in the world in which they live.  Each year, our Director of Advancement and Community Relations invites more than 50 community professionals to visit our campus and share with our students how to best prepare for life beyond school.  In addition, every one of our students participates in a service experience that gives back to our community.

Building solid citizens means preparing students academically, relationally, and in service.  If that is what you are looking for in a school, Meadowbrook Christian School will be a great fit for your family.  To arrange a campus visit and the opportunity to meet with students and faculty, please contact our administration office @ 570-742-2638 or fill out the online inquiry form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.