Core Courses


Students are required to take a Bible class for each year attended. Bible class is five days a week, and a Chapel Service is once weekly. These courses include Logic-Worldviews/ Christianity 101, Bible Relevance and Reliability/Spiritual Formation, Apologetics/Missional Living, and Faith and Culture.

Physical Ed. Health & Wellness

Physical education and health wellness are required for all students each year. Each course is designed to provide physical exercise, promote the enjoyment of physical activity, maintenance and improvement of physical fitness, and a life-long pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Every students is required to take four years of math. The following math courses are being offered: Consumer Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Personal Finance, Probability and Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus.


Every student is required to take four years of English in grades 9 – 12. These courses include Themes and Literature, World Literature, American Literature, and British Literature.

Foreign Language, Spanish

All students at MCS must take two years of Spanish to earn a diploma upon graduation, though students may elect to take a full four years.


Students are required to take three years of science. The following science courses are offered: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy/ Physiology, Environmental Science, and Physics.


Students are required to take four years of history. The history curriculum contains the following courses: US History, World History, Economics/Government, and World Geography.