In addition to the core courses listed below students may elect to take Art, Chorus, Speed and Agility, Yearbook, Computer Programing, Office Support, Introductory to Education, Communications, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, and Spanish for Spanish speakers. Juniors and Seniors can also elect to take Honors classes in Bible, English, Spanish, Science, and History. In addition, there is a dual enrollment program made available to high achieving juniors and seniors to have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses. MCS has partnered with Liberty University Online as well as Bloomsburg University in their ACE and STEM programs.

MCS has become well-known for its quality Broadway productions such as Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, and many others. The soccer, basketball, and track teams participate in both the ACAA and the PIAA, allowing for participation with both Christian and public schools, and students have further sports opportunities through our cooperative agreement with the Milton School District.

Additional opportunities are given to students through our Dimensions Program. This program is designed to give students unique opportunities not typically offered in core classes. Sample offerings include classes in Worship Arts Technology, Praise and Worship Team, CPR and First Aid Certification, S.A.T. Prep, Leadership training, Historical Simulation, and Photography. New programs are being added each semester that are tailored to the needs of our students.


Students are required to take a Bible class for each year attended. Bible class is held five days a week and a Chapel Service is held weekly. These courses include Logic-Worldviews/ Christianity 101, Bible Relevance and Reliability/Spiritual Formation, Apologetics/Missional Living, and Faith and Culture.


Every student is required to take four years of English in grades 9 – 12. These courses include Themes and Literature, World Literature, American Literature, and British Literature.

Foreign Language (Spanish)

All students at MCS are required to take two years of Spanish toward earning a diploma upon graduation, though students may elect to take a full four years.


At this time the following math courses are being offered: Consumer Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Personal Finance, Probability and Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus.


The following courses in science are being offered:  Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy/ Physiology, Environmental Science, and Physics.


The history curriculum contains the following courses: US History, World History, Economics/Government, and World Geography.

Physical Education
Health & Wellness

This is required for all students each year. This course is designed to provide physical exercise, promote enjoyment of physical exercise, maintenance and improvement of physical fitness, and a life-long pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


In the high school there are various music programs for students to participate in vocally and instrumentally. Each year our music program will have two regularly scheduled concerts, as well as an annual musical production. Participation in high school chorus is strongly encouraged. Our music teacher offers independent vocal music lessons for interested students on the MCS campus. Students and parents can gather information regarding these lessons through the office. However, this instruction is given outside of the normal curriculum offered by Meadowbrook, therefore, separate fees are charged. Students are excused once per week from their regular class schedule (contingent to their progress and teacher approval) to attend lessons.