MCS Learning Support

The MCS Family guide to Learning Support.

Support from instructors or peers regarding student learning by means of academic aid and emotional encouragement.

Our goal is to work as a school and parent team to find the best methods to support students and to give them strategies to assist them in the classroom and beyond.

CSIU at Meadowbrook

Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (staffed by district personnel) ​students receive supplemental support in READING and MATH by CSIU staff after a screening is completed to determine if there is a need.​

Speech services are also provided through CSIU.

​Eligibility is determined by the program.

Support at meadowbrook

  • Meadowbrook Teacher​
  • Middle and High School – Study halls, test and quiz accommodations, and study support for students with specific learning disabilities​
  • Offer certain curriculum accommodations and individual instruction
  • Teacher support and classroom observations for all grade levels
  • Initial eligibility is pre-determined by MCS.​

Enrollment Procedures for Students with diagnosed Learning Disabilities

1.Parents filling out student applications should be sure to have a copy of the student’s IEP available with the application for the admissions and Learning Support staff to review. 

2.Interviews and entrance testing are done through the admissions office.

3.The Learning Support Staff, in consultation with the teachers, will review the student’s most recent IEP and their learning needs to determine if Meadowbrook is able to staff their specific needs. 

4.If our staff determines that we can meet their specific academic needs here at Meadowbrook, you will be given the option to enroll.  After enrollment, Learning Support will communicate the student’s specific learning needs and any accommodations that are needed to the teachers and will schedule them for study halls and other support in the Learning Support room, as needed. 

If your student is already enrolled at Meadowbrook

If your child ALREADY has an IEP for academic needs…

Learning support reviews student needs every year at the start of the year.

CSIU will schedule with teachers to pull eligible students for reading and math services​.

Middle and High schoolers are scheduled to come into the Learning Support Room for study halls and support.

If you notice a problem during the school year…

Contact your child’s teacher about your concerns.

Speak to your pediatrician about concerns of focus, sleep, nutrition, etc. (all of these can affect students’ academic success). 

Make sure they have up to date vision and hearing screenings – both can seriously affect students in the classroom.

The Meadowbrook Christian School
Learning Support Process

If the student continues to perform below grade level, the team will meet and plan for the next steps. This may or may not include a recommendation to the family that they request a formal evaluation to be done through their home school district.

Teacher Data Collection

When teachers and/or parents notice academic concerns, teachers begin to assess and monitor the student by keeping detailed records of concerns and performance for a 6 week period.​

Continued Assessment and Implementation of Additional Strategies in the Classroom

After consulting with either Learning Support or CSIU, the teacher can request a reading and/or math screening through CSIU. If the student is found eligible for services through CSIU, they will be scheduled for supplemental support outside of the classroom. Teachers will continue to monitor, assess, and implement recommended strategies from the support teams even if they are not eligible for CSIU services.​

Monitoring and Documentation

If the student continues to struggle and is not eligible for CSIU services, the support team will continue to monitor and find new strategies for support in the classroom. Continued documentation will be kept as we seek to find the best strategies to support students at MCS.​