MCS Middle School (6th8th)

Meadowbrook’s mission is to build solid citizens one child at a time in a Christian atmosphere. With this in mind, we believe every student ought to excel in all areas of life. We desire consistent and reasonable progress to be evident in each student. We hope each child will do their best and be content with that accomplishment.

MCS Middle School Academics

Meadowbrook offers a Middle School for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Students rotate among middle school teachers as they move from subject to subject.

Placement for Math courses begins at the end of 5th grade, allowing students to take courses best suited to their individual strengths. These courses include Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Algebra 2. Students take Science, Social Studies, Math, Bible, Learning Enrichment Across Disciplines (L.E.A.D.), Art, Music, Computers, Spanish, and Communications courses. Students can participate in musicals, fine arts competitions, spelling bees, and various leadership opportunities.

Students can also participate in Junior High soccer, basketball, and track. Individualized piano are available.

MCS Middle School Additional Opportunities

Additional opportunities are given to students through our Dimensions Program. This program is designed to provide students with unique opportunities not typically offered in core class offerings. The Dimensions Program exists to equip students with life and career skills that will benefit them in the future and to engage quality community professionals with our student body. Sample offerings include classes in Middle School Family and Consumer Science, Astronomy, Worship Arts Technology, Praise, Worship Team, CPR and First Aid. New Programs are being added each semester tailored to our student’s needs.