Considering Meadowbrook?

Path to PRESCHOOL Enrollment

Step 1 – Contact Director of Admissions, Emily Hoke, at 570.284.8322 or at

Step 2 – Make an appointment to meet with Emily and tour the Meadowbrook Campus.  As part of the tour, you will see the Preschool classrooms and Daycare.  

Step 3 – Schedule an appointment for your child to take the Preschool Placement Screening (JRK and KDG only).  You may schedule your tour to be done the same day as the screening if you choose.

Step 4 –  Once you are accepted, you will need to make payment arrangements. 

Step 5 – After you know the results of the placement screening, finalize enrollment by completing the Enrollment Form on Sycamore.

  • All new students entering Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten will be given a Preschool Placement Screening before enrollment is finalized. This includes all children who will be four years old or older on or before September 30th. (Three-year-old Nursery School students do not need to be screened.)
  • All children taking the placement screening will receive a fun take-home pack!
  • Application forms and appropriate fees must be completed and turned into the office to secure a place in a class.
  • Although most placements are successful, we will reevaluate a child’s placement if the need arises once school begins.
  • Admissions procedures for the current school year may vary after the school year has started.

Path to Enrollment | GRADES 1-12

Step 1 – Contact Director of Admissions, Emily Hoke, at 570.742.2638 or at

Step 2 – Set up a campus visit. Please bring your student(s) report cards from the last two years and current year.

Step 3 – Schedule any necessary screenings or placement testing (grades 1-5 screening may be required, grades 6-12 math placement required).

Step 4 – Once you are accepted, you will need to make payment arrangements. 

Step 5 – Complete the Enrollment Application online with Sycamore.

Visits may be customized to include any or all of the following:
  • Informational interview with our school administrator (mandatory before enrolling – student must be present if entering grade 6 -12)
  • Tour of the campus
  • Visit to a classroom (students are invited to spend a full day or any part of a day moving through classes with future classmates)
  • Financial consultation with our Director of Finance
Bringing the following information to the campus visit is recommended:
  • Current Report Cards, as well as Report cards from the past two years
  • Most recent standardized testing scores
  • Any other documentation vital to understanding student needs (IEP, etc)
  • Questions you would like to get answered

Director of Admissions, Emily Hoke

Director of Admissions

Emily Hoke

Emily can assist you with,
  • Student Recruitment/Admissions
  • Re-enrollment
  • Preschool Admissions
  • Student Visitation Planning/Testing
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Enrollment/Withdraws (Sycamore)
  • MCS News