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Meadowbrook Christian School is a member of both the ACAA (Allegheny Christian Athletic Association and the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association).

Girls Varsity 

Congratulations to our Girls Varsity Team who went on to the PIAA District 4 Quarterfinals! Our Girls also placed 2nd in the ACAA Tournament.

Boys Varsity

Congratulations to our Boys Varsity Team who went to the PIAA District 4 Basketball Playoffs!

Congratulations Ashton!

Ashton Canelo scored his 1000 points this year! Congratulations Ashton!

Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball 


2003 (Division Champions)

2004 (Division Champions)

2013 (League Champions)

2015 (League Champions)


(District First Round Participants)





2002 (Division & League Champions)

2003 (Division Champions)

2004 (Division Champions)

2005 (Division & League Champions)

2006 (Division & League Champions)

2007 (Division & League Champions)

2008 (District Champions)

2009 (Division & League Champions)

2011 (Division & League Champions)

2013 (District Champions)

2014 (Division & League Champions)

2015 (Division & League Champions)

2017 (Division & League Champions)

PIAA District IV Quarterfinalist


Class A District IV Runner Up State Sweet Sixteen