Each year since 1993 Meadowbrook high school students have participated in cross-cultural mission trips, giving students opportunities to put their faith in action, to see how God is working around the world, and to experience another culture firsthand. Countries visited include Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Trips generally include a construction project and a VBS-style program for children, as well as ministering to local churches.

Prior to the trip, students go through extensive cross-cultural training during their Bible class, utilizing speakers, and classroom discussion. Students in 2nd grade and Jr. Kindergarten also get involved as prayer partners, as well as collecting donations for the local community to be visited. The team is sent off with a chapel service and, upon their return, the team shares in elementary, middle school, high school chapels, helping to make this an event for the whole school.

The trip is open to all junior students each year, as well as parents who desire to make it possible for their child to particpate. Trip coordinators is  Pastor Jim Terwilliger, Director of Spiritual Development.