Spiritual formation is integral to all we do here at Meadowbrook Christian School. It is integrated into every class, every activity, and every interaction. It takes place both formally and informally throughout the school day. At its heart, the whole purpose of Meadowbrook is to help students to become more like Christ, and to that end every interaction is an opportunity to make that difference. However, there are specific activities that are more geared toward making spiritual formation happen.

Chapel Programs

All students in grades 1-12 participate in weekly chapels, with separate chapels for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students. Typical chapels include worship, prayer, and a message, though the exact format may vary from week to week. High school students regularly have opportunities to lead in worship and to speak, as well as to provide input into the overall schedule. Other speakers include faculty members, local pastors, and other speakers as opportunities arise.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Once per year at the High School level we take a week to focus on our relationship with God. This usually involves and outside speaker or team that comes and shares with our students in chapel, with classroom follow-ups. Occasionally the Middle School and Elementary students have similar events.

Bible Classes

All students participate in daily Bible classes, focusing on content, memorization, and application. Elementary classes focus on significant stories of the Bible, Middle School completes a three-year survey of the entire Bible, and High School includes a variety of thematic classes designed to move a student through the stages of belief. These classes include Logic-Worldviews/Christianity 101; Bible Relevance and Reliability/Spiritual Formation; Apologetics/Missional Living; Faith and Culture.

Small Groups

There are a variety of small groups options available to MS and HS students. These include student-led groups, as well as adult-led groups that take place as a part of the chapel program. Every student at the HS level has a mentor assigned to them that will work through throughout their high school career, building connections and relationships that feed into spiritual formation.