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If you are a current parent, you have come to the right place to set up your payment plan for this year’s tuition.  Click on the logo link below and FACTS will walk you through the process.  Thanks for choosing Meadowbrook Christian School as your school home!  We are so glad to have you!




Dear Parents,

You may have noticed we’ve been growing.   Growth has brought along with it some challenges in serving our families.   In an attempt to offer the same type of convenience and service you have grown accustomed to, we have made a decision to partner with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment plans and our financial aid assessment.  Many of our families have already been introduced to FACTS while applying for tuition assistance and the feedback has been positive.  FACTS is being used by nearly 7,000 private schools nationally and offers secure and convenient payment processing for families.

We are firmly committed with doing all we can to partner with families and will maintain decision making control to work with families experiencing hardship or have other extenuating circumstances.  Here are some quick benefits in using FACTS:

  • Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from a variety of credit cards (convenience fees applied).
  • There are a variety of payment plans available and payments are processed securely through bank to bank transactions.
  • You can check your personal account or make payments in real time.
  • Customer Care representatives are available to assist 24/7
  • This platform will also allow you to pay all incidental fees such as extended and daycare, sports fees, field trips, and more through automatic billing (the lunch program ordering and payment will continue to be done via Sycamore).

So, Here’s what we need each family to do by June 30 (if you plan on a 12 month payment plan) or by August 3 (if you plan on a 10 month, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly plan):

  • Visit mcslions.org and click on “FACTS” under the quick links on the left hand side.
  • Sign in or Set up your FACTS Family Account:
    • If you have already set up a FACTS family account (through applying for tuition assistance) you can log into your account by clicking on “sign in.”
    • If you have not yet set up a FACTS family account you will need to click on the bar entitled “create username and password” in the “Create New Account” box.
  • Follow screen by screen instructions to input family information and to select payment options and methods so it will be ready once tuition figures are entered. We will be entering the tuition figures and for those receiving need based tuition assistance, the figures will reflect that.
  • Please have routing or card information available for input when you create your account



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