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Doing life together!

That’s not always an easy thing to do. We all have our own beliefs, preferences, and practices. However, having shared beliefs and practices becomes essential as we all come together. When you come to Meadowbrook Christian School,
you’ll discover how we provide personal and worthwhile education for bright, curious children who want small classrooms and lots of possibilities, want to study in the real world, and want a well-rounded, educated worldview. MCS
students have an unrivaled chance to be a part of an array of students living together in Central Pennsylvania from kindergarten through grade 12, learn the leadership skills necessary to succeed in a connected, digital future, and
establish the values that will guide their contributions to their communities. Visit us to learn more.


To visit MCS,

Schedule a meeting/tour here. Schedule online You can schedule an in person visit or phone call. 

Director of Admissions, 
Emily Hoke, at 570.742.2638 or at



Visits may be customized to include any or all of the following:

  1. Informational interview with the Admissions Director, Student Services Director, and Assistant Principal (mandatory before enrolling – student must be present if entering grade 6 -12)
  2. Tour of the campus
  3. Visit to a classroom (students are invited to spend a full day or any part of a day moving through classes with future classmates)

Bringing the following information to the campus visit is recommended:

  • Current Report Cards, as well as Report cards from the past two years
  • Any other documentation vital to understanding student needs (IEP, etc)
  • Questions you would like to get answered